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Tips to get the most out of your Bamix®



Clean your bamix® immediately after use to prevent food residues caking onto the drive shaft. For more thorough cleaning, hold the bamix® in a bowl of warm water containing a few drops of detergent and switch it on for just a few seconds.

After Use

Always remove the attachments (blade, beater or whisk) from the drive shaft after use. Be sure to unplug your Bamix from the power outlet before removing the blade.

Use tall and narrow receptacles if possible

Tall and narrow receptacles are more suitable for use with the bamix® than wide and shallow ones.

Great mayonnaise every time

Your mayonnaise will be perfect every time if you make it in the bamix® mayonnaise beaker (which can also be used for storage). Remember that the eggs or beaten egg whites you use should be at room temperature.


If you want to process liquids, be sure to immerse the bamix® wand in the liquid before switching it on.


The blades are designed to be re-tensioned. Should they become loose, simply press the spring panel lightly (as shown) with a pair of pliers.


Your bamix will last longer if you oil it every few months. For this use an acid-free oil (sewing machine oil). Hold the bamix upside down and put 2 or 3 drops of oil on the drive shaft and switch on for 30 secs. Rinse bamix afterwards.