![Old Factory Floor.jpg](https://bamix.com.au/media/61:b9be335be0a667daf5e0c49bea55d1499188e3769a8dbe7e83b00506f89f18c6.jpg)
# Foreword 65 years of the bamix® - we are celebrating "Every day I am fascinated anew by how the bamix® impresses private cooks and professional chefs. It stands out thanks to its inner values. Believe it or not, it has not changed much in 60 years. The dazzling idea of the inventor Roger Perrinjaquet sparks a fire in everyone who has tried the bamix®. Today, in a slightly modernised casing and equipped with additional tools, the bamix® is the first hand-held food processor and, at the same time, the smallest food processor in the world with an impressively powerful motor." *Erich Eigenmann, former CEO* # Why bamix®? ## bamix® is the ultimate kitchen tool. **The bamix® is an unrivalled hand-held food processor** • bamix® stick blenders have a 2-year warranty on all models with a marketing-leading, 20-year motor warranty on all domestic models (excluding the Gastro range). • All bamix® models work with all bamix® accessories. • There is a bamix® to suit all budgets. • With a range of additional accessories including blades, stands, processor, powder disc and the bamix® SliceSy®, bamix® have got your kitchen needs covered. • bamix®, with its range of blades and accessories enables you to chop, purée, blend, mince, whisk, aerate, grind, slice, refine sugars, flours, coffee beans and much more. You can create your own array of flavours and meals using fresh ingredients all with the help of a bamix®. # bamix® offers a lot of advantages: ## Versatility A bamix® can be used at home and in a commercial kitchen. From blending mayonnaise in a small beaker ,to puréeing soup in a large pot, to making the smoothest ganache with a quick and simple change of blade or accessory. ## Handiness Its unmistakable and anatomically optimised design makes the bamix® very easy to handle and to operate with the tip of your finger. The attachments can be easily interchanged. ## Cleaning Just hold it under hot running water or pulse in a jug of warm water. A bamix® is easy to clean. ## Storage Placed into a bamix® stand or wall mount, your bamix® stick blender is always at hand and requires very little space. ## Quality Made to the highest Swiss manufacturing standards and still produced in the original factory in Mettlen, Switzerland, bamix® offers piece-of-mind and a long-lasting addition to your kitchen. All blade attachments are made of stainless steel and can be purchased individually. The motor has a market-leading 20-year warranty (excluding Gastro models) and all motors are hand tested before leaving the factory. ## bamix®, simply brilliant With the bamix® you can save time and money. The preparation of food becomes simple and easy. This is why bamix® will be the most used appliance in your kitchen. ## Repair service Many of our appliances have been in use for more than 30 years – and they can still be repaired.
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