bamix® and Jamie Oliver

# Making cooking from scratch easier than ever. Jamie Oliver has inspired millions of people to cook great food at home. Jamies enthusiasm for fun, good-for-you-food continues to inspire, every day. The exclusive blender from bamix® and Jamie Oliver comes with a beautiful recipe booklet, three blades and a stand. Products
#Jamie says: "I'm thrilled to be working with bamix® to help the nation rustle up beautiful dishes from scratch. This brilliant tool is a real keeper, built to last a lifetime. My bamix® is always out in our kitchen at home, an I use it for so many things - salsas, dressings, fragrant curry pastes and punchy pestos." Products
![20 Year Warranty Logo New.png](/media/3:f43c5aa8b84e27b9f3a43c2b60a55ee1bd496ad129a66eaa6abe2e3026f26e4d.png?width=200&height=200) # Industry Leading Warranty # All bamix® stick blenders (excluding all Gastro 200 and Gastro 350 models) carry a 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects and a 20-year motor warranty* against manufacturing defects.. All Gastro models carry a 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects including motor. **20 year warranty applies to purchases made after February 2012 and is not applicable if the bamix® has been used for commercial purposes.*
[Jamie Oliver presenting bamix® **Play video**](
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