• Large tablespoon Instant Coffee granules
  • Cold water enough to cover foot attachment
  • Skim milk<

Aerate the coffee foam by adding water to coffee. Once foamed add skim milk for presentation.

Coffee Foam

Available Accessories


Aerator/Beater Blade

With the beater you can whip up seductively light sauces and frappés.


Blender/Whisk Blade

Whisk up mayonnaise, light puddings, stirred batters, and more with the bamix® whisk.


Multipurpose Blade

From sauces and baby food to freshly minced fruits and berries for desserts.

76639 - Bamix M - Mincing Blade - HR1.jpg

Mincing Blade

Cuts, minces, and purees both raw and cooked meat as well as fish and high fiber vegetables.