Bamix Speciality Grill & Chill BBQ Immersion Blender 200W Black

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If you’re a lover of marinades and sauces accompanying your bbq, then look no further than the bamix® Grill & Chill BBQ!

This complete kit comes with fantastic attachments it will blow the door to what you can cook wide open, along with a recipe book and apron.

Not only does the Grill & Chill boast a 200W heavy-duty AC motor and come with 4 different blade attachments, it also comes with a Wet & Dry Processor which allows you to process all sorts of dry ingredients down to a fine crumb, and also wet ingredients like onion and garlic. Chop them up or mince them to a paste! Add the powder disc to the dry ingredients and process them to a powder, like sugar to icing sugar for example.

The options with the Grill & Chill BBQ are endless…


  • Made in Switzerland

  • Simple to use, two-button operation

  • 200W heavy-duty AC motor

  • Double insulation

  • Soft-grip safety switch

  • Immersion depth of 20cm

  • 2 speed settings; 12,000 rpm & 17,000 rpm


  • Multi-purpose Blade (C)

  • Aerator / Beater Blade (A)

  • Blender / Whisk Blade (B)

  • Mincing Blade (M)

  • Wet & Dry Processor & Powder Disc

  • 600ml & 400ml Beaker Set

  • Bench Stand

  • Recipe Book & Apron

bamix Lifetime Motor Guarantee