Bamix Gastro Immersion Blender 200W Light Grey

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Designed for use in a professional kitchen, the bamix® Gastro has you covered with a 200W heavy-duty AC motor and thanks to it’s double insulated housing, has an immersion depth of 25cm, making it easier to process food cooked in large pots.


  • Made in Switzerland

  • 200W heavy-duty AC motor

  • Simple to use, two-button operation

  • Soft-grip safety switch

  • 2 speed settings; 12,000 rpm & 17,000 rpm

  • Overall length 39.5cm

  • Immersion depth of 25cm


  • Multi-purpose Blade (C)

  • Aerator / Beater Blade (A)

  • Blender / Whisk Blade (B)

  • Wall Bracket